DISS044CDD Ministry Sphinctour
DISS045CDD Ministry Animositisomnia
DISS046CDD Ministry Houses Of The Mole
DISS047CDD Girlschool Demolition
DISS048CDD Girlschool Hit And Run
DISS049CDD Girlschool Screaming Blue Murder
DISS050CDD Hanoi Rocks Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes
DISS051CDD Hanoi Rocks All Those Wasted Years -Live At The Marquee
DISS052CDD Hanoi Rocks Oriental Beat


DISS036CDD Marshall Law Marshall Law
DISS055CDD Steve Grimmett Personal Crisis


DISS056CDD Samson Survivors
DISS057CDD Samson Shock Tactics
DISS058CDD Samson Live At Reading 81
DISS059CDD Blitzkrieg  A Time Of Changes
DISS060CDD Cloven Hoof  Cloven Hoof 
DISS063CDD Jaguar  Power Games 


DISS061CDD Fist  Back With A Vengeance 
DISS064CDD Raven  All For One 
DISS065CDD Raven   Live At The Inferno 
DISS066CDD Raven  Rock Until You Drop 
DISS067CDD Vardis   100mph
DISS068CDD Vardis   The World’s Insane 
DISS069CDD Vardis  Quo Vardis 
DISS019CD Thy Primordial  Blackend Years
DISS008CDD Diamond Head Evil Live
DISS020CDD Diamond Head Death And Progress
DISS062CDD Hellanbach  Now Hear This 
DISS070CDD Onslaught  In Search Of Sanity


DISS071CD Holy Terror Total Terror 
DISS072CD Lionsheart Heart Of The Lion
DISS073CDD Grimmstine Grimmstine


DISS079CDD Neuronspoiler Second Sight