CALLING FOR YOU – Primitai’s guitarist Serj discusses some of the band’s summer highlights

Primitai, whose fifth album ‘The Calling’ was issued by Dissonance Productions in May, have had a busy few months supporting the release which guitarist Srdjan Bilić – Serj for short – reckons is, “with a bit of hindsight, our most accomplished and best produced album yet. We’re really happy with the reaction to it, especially the way it’s engaged people worldwide. We’ve had…

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CLASSIC ALBUM – Originally released in 1979, Samson’s ‘Survivors’ is a true lost classic from a much-revered band who never quite broke through

Samson – ‘Survivors’ (DISS056CDD) Originally released on Laser Records, LAP 1, November 1979 An album that’s often overlooked, ‘Survivors’ was recorded at a time of transition by a band that was rapidly beginning to evolve – or mutate – into an entirely different beast; ‘Head On’, the album they would release the following year, was, for those for whom the distinction makes a…

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LOST IN SPACE – Eliminator’s Jack MacMichael talks about the history of the band, their ‘Lost To The Void’ release and the importance of a garlic bread hotdog.

October saw the release of Eliminator’s ‘Lost To The Void’, a collection which rounds up the material from their ‘We Rule The Night’ and ‘The Seer’ releases from a few years back. It also saw the five-piece out on the road once more for a clutch of UK shows which, by all accounts, were a lot of fun. “Considering it was an intensely…

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THE ART OF WARFARE – Warfare founding member Evo talks about how the six-legged metal monster came into being

“In ’82/’83 I joined my first name band, which was Major Accident,” Evo recalls, “and I did two singles and a live album with them. They then became a little lethargic, and I don’t tolerate that.” The first thing of note about the drummer is that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone more driven than him. “If I think I’m going backwards instead…

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TOURING WITH THE LIVING DEAD – July 2018 Tour diary by Aggression front-man Brian Langley

As is tradition for any Aggression tour, the band and crew spends the night before at my house drinking beer and Fireball whiskey. The fifteen-passenger van and uhaul trailer are parked and loaded in the driveway. It’s good to have everyone together the night before the trip to have a few drinks to get us all in the right mindset for what will…

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