SINGLE PREMIERE – ‘Manifestation’ from unreleased album ‘Turpis Rex’ by The Tempter (Pungent Stench)

SINGLE PREMIERE – ‘Manifestation’ from unreleased album ‘Turpis Rex’ by The Tempter (Pungent Stench)
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‘Manifestation’ is a track taken from the forthcoming album ‘Turpis Rex’ by The Tempter. Listen to the single below.

The Tempter is a project of Alex Wank (Pungent Stench) formed with Tarpiu in the beginning of 2008 to let demons out and anger in. After Mr. Wank decided that Pungent Stench had come to an end, he took his break for half a year. Obviously, this break couldn’t last for too long, and he soon found the right partner for future musical activities by the end of 2007. With the beginning of 2008 these pitchblack souls started to work on material, but they took their time to create something special with a certain feel for heaviness and melodies. Working hard on their style for almost two years, The Tempter finally recorded material for a full length release in the coldness of winter 2010.

The completed album ‘Turpis Rex’ was recorded in a full live analogue recording session on 12 January 2010 by HJ of KlangschmiedeNorikum. Bass on this album was recorded by Mucho (Our Survival Depends On Us), organ by HJ Gmeilbauer (Thelema& Our Survival Depends On Us) and it was mastered by Audiobomber at Castle Studios in spring 2010. Right after completion of the recording Tarpiu disappeared in the Mouth of Madness and Wank moved on to other projects. “Turpis Rex” was completed but stayed unreleased… until now!

You can pre-order Turpis Rex on CD now here…