PRIDE BEFORE A FALL – Steve Grimmett talks about the rise and fall of Lionsheart, the melodic rock band he fronted in the Nineties.

A name that needs no introduction in metal circles, Steve Grimmett is best known for fronting Grim Reaper, the band he leads to this day. In 1988 he’d joined Onslaught, and although things started well (both the ‘In Search Of Sanity’ album and ‘Let There Be Rock’ single made the UK Top 50 in May...continue reading...

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TWISTED SISTERS – Seven Sisters’ Kyle McNeill and Graeme Farmer talk about latest release ‘The Cauldron And The Cross’.

The Seven Sisters’ story starts in 2013, when founder members Kyle McNeill and Graeme Farmer started jamming together. “We’d been talking about doing something musical together for a while, but we eventually got off our arses and actually did something about it,” says Graeme. “There was no real aim to start a band though; we...continue reading...

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SINGLE PREMIERE – ‘Manifestation’ from unreleased album ‘Turpis Rex’ by The Tempter (Pungent Stench)

‘Manifestation’ is a track taken from the forthcoming album ‘Turpis Rex’ by The Tempter. Listen to the single below. The Tempter is a project of Alex Wank (Pungent Stench) formed with Tarpiu in the beginning of 2008 to let demons out and anger in. After Mr. Wank decided that Pungent Stench had come to an...continue reading...

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