BARBE-Q-BARBIES sign with Dissonance

BARBE-Q-BARBIES sign with Dissonance
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Barbe-Q-Barbies, Finland’s finest five-piece female rock ‘n’ roll outfit, have signed with Dissonance. With their newest recruit, lead guitarist Heidi Meri, now firmly integrated – “her sound is inspiring,” says drummer Niina Klemetti, “and it’s given this album a fresh sound” – the band (completed by vocalist Niki Westerback, rhythm guitarist Eveliina Laine and bassist Minttu Muranen) are pleased to be releasing a new album – their fourth – in May.

The album, whose title has yet to be decided, was inspired by what Niina refers to as “the ups and downs of life, love, betrayal, innocence, lust and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s still very recognisable Barbe-Q-Barbies, but in this album we challenged ourselves to take it to a new level, and we have also added musical elements and styles we’ve not used on previous albums. The overall sound is more like the Seventies’ raw and mellow scene.”

The band’s last album ‘Driven’ appeared in 2015, and Niina is quick to explain the reason behind the delay in following it up. “It was really down to the change in the line-up. Our original lead guitarist Kaisa was replaced by Heidi in the end of 2017 and it was naturally a big change for the band, so we decided to focus on the band’s chemistry and on touring. Also the B-Q-B camp has had some new additions – kids! – in past two years. So, spring and summer 2018 were spent touring in Spain and here in Finland and it wasn’t until the autumn that we finally got round to thinking about the next album.”