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The big news from the Salem UK camp is that the band – Simon Saxby (vocals), Francis Gill (guitars), Adrian Jenkinson (bass) and Dave Megginson (drums) – have just finished recording a new album, which will be released by Dissonance later in the year. “As it currently stands,” reports Adrian, “the album will be called ‘Win Lose Or Draw’ (although that might be subject to change) and is instantly recognisable as a Salem UK album. The classic melodic rock element is still there, and of course we have the unmistakable lead vocals of Simon Saxby. Our guitarist Francis Gill brings a harder, more modern edge to the music and has certainly dragged our songwriting into the modern era which is something we have enjoyed very much. So now, alongside the Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Sabbath influences, you might just catch a suggestion of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Alter Bridge in there too! We are sure that fans will notice the musicianship too – we have worked our nuts off to make this album the best it can be, so that we can give the knowledgeable heavy metal/heavy rock community a slice of top quality British rock. No stone has been left unturned in the recording of this album, and we are immensely proud of it.”

The band were happy enough to give us a two-minute romp through the tracklisting:

The Wraith
“The heaviest metal available today! It’s about the signs and portents of bad things that are about to happen; it’s especially about a certain shared experience of Adrian and Simon.”

“Time to rock! Air guitars at the ready! This song is about, ah, you guessed it! And another shared experience to boot.”

Circumstances Change
“A beautiful song written by Simon, about a certain time in his life.”

Win Lose Or Draw
“Now, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going back to a time when rock bands were proper rock bands, and all rock tracks sounded as good as this… Whatever life throws at you – deal with it!”

Souls of Evermore
“At a fundamental level, a comment on the way we always remember the faces of people who have affected our lives – for good or for bad. It’s a contemporary rocking track – more power than the National Grid!”

“Get your tissues out… Sometimes we get things wrong, but the power is always within us to change – if we want to, that is.”

“This is a monumental British rocker, and a comment about the young Thai boys who got trapped in a cave with their teacher which was big news at the time of writing the song.”

“More British no-nonsense rocking! A comment on yet another shared experience of Adrian and Simon.”

“Slap bang into the modern day again. Try not singing along to the chorus if you can. The song is about the sweet smell of victory…And you’ve guessed it, another shared experience.”

Queen Serene
“A tearjerker: we are pretty good at tearjerkers! It’s a love song at face value, but actually an appreciative comment for those rare people in relationships who don’t make life one long drama.”

The band’s previous album for Dissonance, ‘Attrition’, can be bought or streamed by clicking the link below

Article Image by Rik Bauters