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On 16 February London’s Seven Sisters found themselves at the Metal Assault festival in Germany, sharing the stage with the likes of Fifth Angel, Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime and Saracen. And by all accounts they did a great job. “I have never seen them as confident on stage as tonight,” reckoned the reviewer from Germany’s Rock Hard magazine. “The material off the new album ‘The Cauldron And The Cross’ is received extremely well by the punters. Seven Sisters are one of the best newcomers the European metal scene currently has to offer.”

“Metal Assault was absolutely brilliant,” says guitarist/vocalist Kyle McNeill. “Purely from the size of the crowd it was one of the best shows we’ve played, so far, but I felt our own performance finally did us justice in Europe. We’ve played a couple of festivals over the years and for one reason or another we never quite seemed to bring our A-game. This time we did – I think it’s Gaz’s magical beard that did it! – and we’re certainly looking forward to going back to Germany again in a couple of weeks”


Seven Sisters debut album ‘The Cauldron And The Cross’ is available on Cd and vinyl, as well as to stream on all platforms. Click the link below: