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TIn 1992 a great meeting of minds occurred. Pungent Stench met THE MENTORS at shows in Connecticut and the Milwaukee Metal Fest, subsequently staying in touch via the then-futuristic medium of postal mail. In 1993 Stench decided to honour them with a cover version of the song “Four F Club” on their “Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats” mini-album. On their way back from a tour of Australia and New Zealand the band passed through Los Angeles and played a one off show at the Roxy with their friends Fear Factory. The Mentors themselves showed up to thank them for the dedication. Mentors frontman El Duce was scheduled to sing “Four F Club” live with them but, completely drunk on stage, fell asleep instead! Sadly that was their last meeting as El Duce died a couple of years later.

Mr. Stench always stayed in touch with Dr. Heathen Scum, and found out that Dr. Scum frequently visited Europe on business. Mr. Stench suggested him to visit Vienna to do some sessions and recordings and see what comes out. In 2006 several such sessions took place, and during Dr. Heathen Scum´s short stays much music was composed and instantly recorded. In 2007 the last recordings took place, but due to the split between Stench and Cochino the record was never finished.

Because of the extensive re-release activities of old and lost Pungent Stench records over the past year the two decided to finalize and release this fine piece of ‘Shit Rock’. El Duce and his entertainingly vulgar, over the top sexist and chauvinistic attitude; Dr. Heathen Scum on bass and vocals with pornographic lyrics deluxe; plus Cochino on guitars and Stench on drums. What else is there to say? Enjoy!

Pungent Stench & Doctor Heathen Scum Of The Mentors#rapemetooThe final piece of snowflake melting shit rock will be released on 11-10-19 on CD, vinyl and digital! Order now: