THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – Satan’s Empire’s Derek Lyon and Sandy McRitchie take time out from recording their second album to talk to Echoes

To most New Wave Of British Heavy Metal fans Satan’s Empire will probably forever be best known for their song ‘Soldiers Of War’, perhaps THE highlight of Neat Records’ ‘Lead Weight’ cassette, released back in 1981. The problem was, in those pre-internet days, few of us knew anything about the band aside from that one...continue reading...

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SALEM’S LOT – Simon Saxby and Adrian Jenkinson from the newly re-branded Salem UK talk about their new album ‘Win Lose Or Draw’

“Win Lose or Draw is our fourth album of the modern era. It will be instantly recognisable as a Salem UK album to our fans, the classic melodic rock element is still there, and of course we have the unmistakable lead vocals of Simon. Francis brings a harder, more modern edge to the music and...continue reading...

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CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: Diamond Head – ‘Death And Progress’

Diamond Head – ‘Death And Progress’ (DISS020CDD) Originally released on Bronze Records, ESSCD192, June 1993 Having called (borrowed) time on Diamond Head in 1985, the creative duo of Brian Tatler and Sean Harris joined forces once more in April 1990 and immediately started writing new material: ‘Kiss Of Fire’ was apparently written pretty much at...continue reading...

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