SEVEN SISTERS release ’Campfire Tales‘ EP

SEVEN SISTERS release ’Campfire Tales‘ EP
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Seven Sisters are proud to present Campfire Tales, a five track acoustic EP available exclusively as a digital download.

Featuring acoustic re-imaginings of four tracks from our early years along with a Thin Lizzy cover, we hope this release goes some way to bridging the gap between full length releases and bringing enjoyment to our fans whilst we’re unable to gig and tour.

The current lockdown has meant we’ve been unable to get together and work on a new studio album as planned, but we hope you’ll enjoy this release in the meantime. We’ve often talked about reworking some of our songs in an unplugged setting, and recent global developments have meant we actually had time to do put this together.

It was interesting to see how our songs stack up without the layers of distortion, blistering solos and twin lead harmonies that you usually associate with Seven Sisters, but we’re delighted with the results. If you enjoyed the songs on our early releases, we hope you’ll discover something fresh and exciting in these new arrangements. We hope to be back with a new full-length album in the near future!

Kyle says;
“These new arrangements offer a different view of some of our older material – swapping soaring leads and layers of distorted guitars, for carefully arranged acoustic guitars and a moody atmosphere. Some parts have been completely re-imagined – this is much more than a re-hash of the songs on one acoustic guitar. In some respects, it feels like they have reached their full potential in this style.”