Brian Langley – Vocals
Denis ‘Sasquatch’ Barthe – Guitar
Dave Watson – Guitar
Jon Power – Bass
Ryan Murray Idris – Drums
Aggression was formed in the spring of 1985 in Laval, Quebec. They recorded the album “Forgotten Skeleton” in 1986 (which didn’t see release until 2004). The Full Treatment album came out in 1987 via Banzai Records. During this time the band regularly played with the likes of Voivod, Anvil, DBC, Sacrifice and Celtic Frost among others. In 2014, now calling Vancouver, BC home, Sasquatch enlisted help to breathe new life into Aggression. 2018 will see more new material released and more touring in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Full Treatment album.


Federico ‘Mace’ Mazza – Vocals
James ‘Nippy’ Blackford – Lead Guitar
Marek ‘Heathen’ Steven – Guitar
Sam Mackertich – Bass
Neil Ganesha – Drums
Amulet are a blinding Heavy Metal act who have led the charge for song-focussed Heavy Rock in London since 2010. The five-piece is inspired by the golden era of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock but with a focussed riff-heavy sound of their own. You can expect well structured songs with catchy vocals, soaring leads and bone shaking bass, driven to the limit by pounding drums. And you can also expect their evil mascot The Hangman to prowl the stage when you see them smash heads live!


Paul Taylor – Vocals
Keith Sharp – Guitar
Robin Brancher – Guitar
Clive Pearson – Bass
Chris Takka– Drums
Formed in London during 1981, Desolation Angels emerged from the explosion of new heavy talent that the UK was producing during the now hallowed New Wave Of British Heavy Meta. A brand new incarnation of the NWOBHM mavericks was assembled, with front man Paul Taylor, bassist Clive Pearson and drummer Chris Takka now standing alongside the original duelling Angels themselves. Make no mistake, Desolation Angels are back and hell-bent on conquering all.


Rasmus Andersen– Lead Vocals
Brian Tatter – Lead Guitar
Andrew “Abbz Abberley– Rhyme Guitar
Dean Michaels – Bass
Karl Wilcox– Drums
Teenagers Brian Tatler and Duncan Scott first started writing music together in Stourbridge in early 1976, with Brian on cheap fuzz guitar and Duncan playing drums on biscuit tins. Brian had a poster of an album by Phil Manzanera called Diamond Head that was released in 1975 and he thought “that would be a good name for the band”. In 2014 the influential and iconic heavy metal Diamond Head invited London based, Danish-born Ras to join the band and together they completed a European tour, with appearances at Hard Rock Hell and Head Bangers Open Air in Germany.


Danny – Vocals
Matt – Lead Guitar
Jack – Lead Guitar
Kamie – Bass
D. Steen – Drums
Motivated entirely towards the aim of live performances, the first incarnation of Eliminator played their first gig in 2008. After a couple of years of gigging a stable lineup of strong musicians eventually came together. Eliminator had garnered enough live experience and written enough original material to begin recording. Eliminator caught the attention of Dissonance Productions in 2017 and signed a contract to release their long overdue first album.


Julian Mendez – Vocals
Brian Korban – Guitar
Angelo Espino -Bass
Stuart Fujinami – Guitar
Sean Scott McCormick – Drums
Heretic was born during the early 80’s Metal scene in Southern California. They were one of the top acts in the LA area. After the release of the Breaking Point LP the band split up when their lead singer joined the band Metal Church. Flash forward 20+ years, Heretic is back with their Classic Metal/Thrash sound. The band released “A Time Of Crisis” on Metal On Metal Records in 2012 their first release in over 2 decades and released “A Game You Can Not Win” on Dissonance October 2017.


David Reed Watson – Vocals
Steven Rice – Guitar
Jim Pegram -Bass
Chris Lotesto – Guitar
Seamus Gleason – Drums
Formed in 2010 by former members of Imagika, Dark Angel and Eldritch, Kill Ritual launched themselves into the metal world with their debut CD “The Serpentine Ritual” in 2012 on Scarlet Records and the band were immediately rewarded with great reviews and positive reaction from around the world. 2018 again sees the band releasing their new CD “All Men Shall Fall” thru Dissonance Productions with yet another new slew of touring hence bringing their definition of metal to the masses…


Mike Alvord – Vocals, Guitar
Danny “Z” Pizzi – Bass
Roby Vitari – Drums
Mike Alvord formerly of HOLY TERROR and Roby Vitari formerly of HEADCRASHER and JESTER BEAST, met by chance in 1989 when HOLY TERROR was touring Europe in support of their 1988 release Mind Wars. Approximately 25 years later Mike and Roby reconnected through the internet and discussed creating something musically that they both believe has been lost. The result is MINDWARS, a rebirth of speed/thrash metal with metal, punk, and rock influences.


JR Vox – Vocals
David del Cid – Guitar
Erick Tekilla – Bass
Pierre Afoumado – Guitar
Matthew Monroe – Drums
Formed in 2009, British heavy metal band Neuronspoiler has taken the music world by storm! Since the release of their EP “No One’s Safe” and full length album “Emergence”, the band has toured extensively building a loyal following of “Spoilers”. After signing to Dissonance Productions in 2017 and releasing their second album “Second Sight” Neuronspoiler has shown that there is genuine talent to be found in the UK, the birthplace of heavy metal!


Guy Miller – Vocals
Sergio Giron– Guitar
Scott Miller  – Bass
Srdjan – Guitar
Jonathan Warren – Drums
Primitai had their breakthrough in 2010 upon the release of their 2nd album LINE OF FIRE. Since then they have toured the UK and Ireland all over, and appeared at Bloodstock, Hammerfest, High Voltage, Wacken Cruise and Hard Rock Hell. Their 2013 album RISE AGAIN pushed them to new heights – UK dates with SEPULTURA and SAXON, even greater praise from the biggest metal press, and hitting Europe for the first time. The momentum culminated in a 2015 tour with WOLF, after which the band went straight back into studio. 2018 saw them sign to Dissonance Productions and a new album is on the way! 


Simon Saxby – Vocals
Paul Macnamara- Guitar
Mark Allison  – Guitar
Ade Jenkinson – Guitar
Paul Mendham – Drums
Salem was formed in late 1979 and built a strong following with their heavy rock based on thundering rhythms, soaring twin-guitars and powerful melodies. The band’s 1982 single sold globally and gigs continued across the northeast if England before folding in 1983. In 2010, Salem’s original recordings were released and attracted great interest, so the band reformed and played its first gig in 27 years! 2018 saw the release of “ATTRITION” on Dissonance and has been well met by critics and fans of NWOBHM. The band recently have been rated with Iron Maiden, Saxon, etc as one of the top 10 NWOBHM bands that are “better than ever”!


Steve Grimmett- Vocals
Ian Nash – Guitar
Martin Trail – Bass
Paul White – Drums
Formed in 1979 the band was discovered after winning a battle of the bands that featuring over 100 bands. Signing to Ebony Records they went on to releases a number of albums that placed them firmly into the metal hall of fame. Unfortunately by the time the bands third studio album “Rock You To Hell” came out Grim Reaper’s melodic heavy metal sound had fallen out of favor and another round of legal action from Ebony Records effectively dealt the death blow with the band subsequently disbanding in 1988. In April 2006 Grim Reaper were asked to play at the ‘The Keep It True Festival” which led to the formation of ‘Steve Grimmets Grim Reaper”. Reception from fans and press have seen the band touring all over the world and releasing a new album “Walking in the shadows”


Kyle McNeill – Vocals/Guitar
Graeme Farmer – Guitar
Javi Rute – Bass
Steve Loftin – Drums
Born in the depths of West London, Seven Sisters are a four-piece band forged from the same steel as the NWOBHM acts of yesteryear. Over the past two years they’ve gathered a reputation as a stellar act in the heavy metal scene; earning their stripes playing shows all over the UK and Europe off the back of the two independent releases. Their self-titled debut album (2016) was met with rave reviews, and sold out of the first pressing of physical copies in just three weeks. With the all important second album brewing, Seven Sisters promise not to just copy the template laid down by the fathers of heavy metal, but to mould their own and usher in a new era.


Rich Rutter – Lead Vocals
Tom Potter – Guitar
Josh Haysom – Guitar
Matt Dobson – Drums/Backing Vocals
Southampton’s Toledo Steel have been conquering stages across the UK and Europe since 2011 with their own style of 80’s influenced high energy heavy metal and have proven themselves to be one of the UK’s leading forces in the New wave of Traditional Heavy Metal! The band recorded a strong demo in 2012, but it was the release of their self-titled EP in 2013 that, along with countless gigs and festival appearances, pushed Toledo Steel into the spotlight and won over audiences, listeners and reviewers across the world. The band have since signed with Dissonance Productions to release their highly anticipated debut album “No Quarter” in May 2018, marking the beginning of the next chapter for Toledo Steel.