CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: Cloven Hoof – ‘Cloven Hoof’, 1984.

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on email Cloven Hoof – ‘Cloven Hoof’ (DISS060CDD)Originally released on Neat Records, NEAT 1013, 1984With a self-pressed EP ‘The Opening Ritual’ and an exciting session for Radio One’s ‘The Friday Rock Show’ already in the bag – bassist Lee Payne reckons it was hearing Tommy Vance broadcast the four tracks in June 1983…

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CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: Quartz – Quartz 1977

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on email Quartz – ‘Quartz’ (DISS0142CDD)Originally released on Jet Records, UAG 30081, May 1977“After this very extensive American tour we did ten dates throughout the UK, some of them with Bandy Legs from Birmingham opening for us. I had met their guitar player, Geoff Nicholls, through Albert Chapman, who managed them. They later…

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CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: Diamond Head – ‘Death And Progress’

Diamond Head – ‘Death And Progress’ (DISS020CDD) Originally released on Bronze Records, ESSCD192, June 1993 Having called (borrowed) time on Diamond Head in 1985, the creative duo of Brian Tatler and Sean Harris joined forces once more in April 1990 and immediately started writing new material: ‘Kiss Of Fire’ was apparently written pretty much at their first get-together. Fired up and on a…

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CLASSIC ALBUM: Blitzkrieg’s ‘A Time Of Changes’ May 1985

Blitzkrieg – ‘A Time Of Changes’ (DISS059CDD) Originally released on Neat Records, NEAT 1023, May 1985 By the time they split up in December 1981 Blitzkrieg had already achieved legendary status amongst metal fans, even though they’d only actually issued one single ‘Buried Alive’ b/w ‘Blitzkrieg’ for Neat Records. Their original three-track demo had become a regular on the tape trading circuit though,…

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Classic Album Review: Girlschool – ‘Demolition’ 1980.

CLASSIC ALBUMGirlschool – ‘Demolition’ (DISS048CDD)Originally released on Bronze, BRON 525, June 1980 Girlschool’s roots lay in the London-based Painted Lady, but when Kim McAuliffe (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Enid Williams (bass guitar/vocals) hooked up with Kelly Johnson (lead guitar/vocals) and Denise Dufort (drums) in March 1978 things took a change for the better. The largely covers-based sets started to feature more and more original material…

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